Open Financial Planning Class & Free Internship Program. Don’t miss out!

  • He is a certified financial planner.
  • He is a senior consultant with Canny Financial Services.
  • He was a director of his own financial planning business with 14-years of operating experience.
  • He is an experienced trainer for RG 146.
  • He is the editor of Fee-to-Service—the handbook for financial planning training.

He is Ian McKneil, chief trainer of the DFP course at APEI. For the first time, he is opening his class to any students interested in the financial planning industry. It will help you bridge the gap between textbook theory and real-life practice. Take hold of this opportunity to get a deeper and holistic view of various cases, the whole industry and your own future career.

  • If you are a student with a background in accounting or finance,
  • If you long to be a certified financial planner,
  • If you are still struggling at the starting point of your career journey

You are invited for this open class session!

And, what’s more…

Phillip Capitalis coming to APEI.

Established in Singapore in 1975, Phillip Capital is one of Asia’s leading financial institutions with a global reach extending into Europe, North America and Australia.

You will be provided with comprehensive training for all financial products in PC by an all-star training team.

  • How to trade in stocks?
  • How to get the most up-to-date information on the foreign exchange market?
  • How to analyse and choose financial products for investment?
  • How to provide tailored services in wealth management?

Answers to all the above questions will be covered in the Phillip Capital Intensive Internship Program.

Mr Camilo, the head of Business Development, will deliver the whole program, bringing with him the last TEN Intern positions reserved for you.

A stepping stone to your career, a golden opportunity for your future

You can’t miss out!

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