Upcoming APEI Finance Elite Seminar (Workshop 5)

Upcoming APEI Finance Elite Seminar  (Workshop 5)

Time: TBA

Venue: SIIT Sydney campus, Level 5, 841 George Street, Sydney

Delectable cakes, cookies and chips provided!!

In the last Seminar, Angie Xue imparted to us the current situation of Financial Planning industry in Australia, which is that the demand for Financial Planners exceeds the supply. What’s more, she shared with us her own work experiences as a Certified Financial Planner. In the upcoming seminar, Sherri from Nicole Accounting Training will explain the advantages of taking financial planning courses if you have an accounting background. Furthermore, Sherri will give us information regarding Financial Planning from an accountant’s point of view and how to find an ideal job in the competitive commercial industry.

If you are struggling to find a job and interested in Financial Planning, the upcoming seminar is a great opportunity for you.


Presenter introduction:

Sherri, an FCPA member and financial controller, possesses financial management experience in a listed company for over 21 years. She is the financial manager for the Asia-Pacific area of the world’s largest collegiate honour society, headquartered in Atlanta, USA, and is in charge of accounting in Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, including Projects & Business Improvement, Budget Management and Cash Flow Forecasting, Auditing and Financial Planning.


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