Upcoming APEI Finance Elite Seminar (Workshop 4)

Upcoming APEI Finance Elite Seminar (Workshop 4)

Time: TBA

Venue: SIIT Sydney campus, Level 5, 841 George Street, Sydney

Delectable cakes, cookies and chips provided!!

APEI Finance Elite Seminar (Workshop 4)

Last Friday, Nancy Zhang imparted to us useful information about the requirements for becoming a Financial Planner and the activities which form a Financial Planner’s responsibilities. It is worth mentioning that she also emphasised the positive energy which usually comes along with this job. In order to provide further detailed information, APEI has invited another expert to our Finance Elite Seminar this week. Angie Xue, who is a Certified Financial Planner at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, commenced her bachelor’s degree in accounting 10 years ago before completing a master’s degree in finance, just like many of us are doing now. How did she attain those achievements step by step? Did any philosopher’s stone appear during her journey?


If you are struggling to make your way into one of the Big 4, take the opportunity this week to find your breakthrough!


  • ŸWhat does the Financial Planning industry look like, and what preparations should we make to enter this field?
  • ŸWhat is a Financial Planner, and what qualifications are viewed as necessary?
  • ŸAt present, Angie is an important player in one of the Big 4. For the first time in a decade, she would like to share with you her own work and life experiences with respect to the perennial question: Do we work to live? OR do we live to work?




金融巡礼讲座一触即发,第四弹嘉宾Angie Xue再度瞄准DFP课程!

Free Afternoon Tea!! Just after your class!!!

时间:本周六下午4pm-6pm(26 July)

地点:SIIT Sydney Campus



上周,Nancy Zhang为我们讲述了成为理财规划师应当具备的条件,以及理财规划的职能范围。更重要的是,她还分享了这份工作为生活中其他方面带来的正能量。所谓“眼观六路,耳听八方”,本周另一位“孔明”也应邀来为大家指点锦囊妙计。Angie Xue,Commonwealth Bank 的注册理财规划师(Certified Financial Planner),十年前和我们一样远赴重洋,攻读本科和硕士学位。她是如何一步步走到今天的呢?旅途中,是否有“东风”吹来?


  • 理财规划行业的内部环境是怎样的,如何才能打有准备之仗?


  • 理财规划师究竟是何种职业,入门必需的又是什么?


  • 如今,Angie在四大行的平台上挥斥方遒;十年一刻,她愿意与你分享自身的工作和生活经历:Do we work to live? OR do we live to work?
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