Finance Elite Seminar (Workshop 2): Pathways to Mortgage Service

APEI Finance Elite Seminar (Workshop 2): Pathways to Mortgage Service

Speaker: Mr. Anthony Xiao is a former lending manager with the Commonwealth Bank and now owns an outstanding home mortgage service company. Last year, his company was ranked among the top 10 lenders by the Commonwealth Bank.

On 12 July 2014, Anthony was invited to APEI as one of our elite guests, and delivered an introductory seminar about pathways to a career in the mortgage industry. While sharing his successful professional experience in the mortgage industry, he emphasised how important a Diploma of Financial Planning (DFP) is to winning an interview opportunity in the finance industry, even just for a teller position. Holding a DFP means that you have the fundamental knowledge of financial planning, to be specific, in the fields of investment, superannuation and insurance.

To sum up Anthony’s story, the points worth mentioning are as following:

  • Seeking job opportunities actively, no matter if it is an internship position or a full-time position.
  • Expanding social networks by communicating with people working in areas relevant to your specialties so as to create opportunities.
  • Gathering knowledge and experience patiently before receiving a satisfactory offer since good preparation makes a huge contribution to your success.

Please pay close attention to our upcoming APEI Finance Elite Seminar. Next week, Nancy Zhang, who is a certified Financial Planner at Westpac, is invited to give a comprehensive elite seminar about Financial Planning and how to become a Financial Planner!

In order to book a seat, please send an email to For further enquiries, please call 80903266.

P.S. All students who attended the seminar have the opportunity to win a ticket for Sydney Festival 2014 at the Opera House.





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