Upcoming APEI Finance Elite Seminar (Workshop 3)

Upcoming APEI Finance Elite Seminar (Workshop 3)

Time: TBA

Venue: SIIT Sydney campus, Level 5, 841 George Street, Sydney

Delectable cakes, cookies and chips provided!!

Coming with APEI Finance Elite Seminar (Workshop 3)

If you do not have full knowledge of the pathways to a career in the mortgage industry, we guarantee that this week’s APEI Finance Elite Seminar will definitely meet your needs! Nancy Zhang, who is a Certified Financial Planner at Westpac, has been working in the Banking Industry for 15 years. It took her only 3 years to become a Certified Financial Planner after gaining a Diploma of Financial Planning.

Between two points, a straight line is the shortest. How did Nancy become so successful within only 3 years? If you are interested in finding out, don’t miss the opportunity this week!

*What does a financial planner do, and what advice can a financial planner provide?

*How to become a financial planner, and are there any crucial points that remain hidden?

*How to utilise your knowledge and skills to provide clients with solutions to achieve financial goals or solve financial concerns?


Join the workshop, and you will have the opportunity to win a ticket for Sydney Festival 2014 @ Opera House!



时间:本周五下午4:15pm-6:00pm(18 July)


更有超值APEI 金融专家巡讲第三波

如果说贷款专家Anthony Xiao上周的演讲让你有些意犹未尽,那么本周的开讲嘉宾一定可以你的弥补遗憾。来自Westpac的Nancy Zhang已有15年的银行从业经验,并且仅用了短短3年的时间,就从一名基础的理财规划师成为了注册理财规划师(Certified Financial Planner) 。

两点之间,直线最短。如果你也想看Nancy Zhang揭开这根“直线”的神秘面纱,那本周的活动一定不同错过!





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