Counselling Services

APEI provides students with counselling service, which is designed to assist students in dealing with a wide range of problems including homesickness, managing stress, handling conflicts,emotional issues, improving motivation, enhancing study skills, organ-ising study time and any other issue that may be of concern to the student. Student Services Officers are well acquainted with the pressures and stress of stu-dent life and are the first point of contact for any assistance. If they are not able to help student with a particular situation or matter they will refer the student to appropriate personnel for further consultation

If the APEI feels the need for a student to be referred to a professional counsellor, a reliable and qualified social worker or psychologist will be recommended. APEIhas an agreement with a registered social work-er on a needs basis. To access these services please contact the Course Coordinator. Generally, students would not be expected to pay for these services.

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