Orientation Program

A detailed orientation program is provided for all new students arriving on campus at the beginning of the course. For more details please refer to ‘Applica-tion process’ section of this document.

1. Emergency evacuation directions & protocols
2. Introduction and welcome by academic and administrative staff.
3. Student registration process.
4. Introduction to Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC).
5. Introduction to health and welfare services.
6. Introduction to course information, timetable, learning & assessment strategies, academic intervention strategies etc.
7. Introduction to student rights and responsibilities at AIBF.
8. Introduction to AIBF’s complaints and appeals process.
9. Introduction to library & computer facilities.
10. Introduction to student support services including on how to access student counselling facilities.
11. Learner needs survey/interview session.
12. Details on student visa conditions regarding course progress and attendance.

13. Photo session with students for the AIBF to generate student ID cards.

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