Why Study DFP

1. A strong team of professionals with abundant experience

APEI's DFP and ADFP qualifications are taught by a team of professionals with extensive practical industry experience, including practising accounting personnel, trade analysts and financial service providers in Australia.

2. Informative content with universal applicability

The qualifications use heuristic teaching methods focusing on mastery of methodology. They lay a solid foundation for students to engage in various financial services activities. Practical skills learned in these courses are generally applicable in work environments such as stock exchanges, investment in real estate, options trading, foreign exchange activities, stock index futures, precious metals and bulk commodity trading etc.

3. Professional and practical qualifications leading to industry recognition

  • • The qualifications are very practical and provide great opportunities for all students to understand the financial services industry in Australia.
  • • The qualifications will greatly increase the competitiveness of students to be employed in securities and foreign exchange industries;

4. Better personality development

  • • The knowledge and experience of the professional training team will help the students master various practical skills in the shortest time and avoid long-term blind exploration.
  • • The qualifications emphasise the importance of practice, and the skills learned will not only help career promotion, but also assist students in developing good thinking habits, which they will benefit them for a lifetime.
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